Studio Kernland
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12 steps
  From idea to project: the way the studio works.


The first phase of a project is the development of the idea. A sketch of ‘what’ it will be. We organize brainstorm sessions, advise on possibilities and visualize the outcome.


The second phase of a project is the development of possible and realistic concepts suiting the needs. We set the framework and define ‘for whom and why’ the project is done.


The third phase of a project is to agree the form and determine the choice of media. We make suggestions showing pros and cons of different choices.

Project Plan

The forth phase of a project is the set-up of a plan of ‘how’ the process is to be organized and risks managed. We come up with a scheme including a realistic time plan and identifying any permissions required.


The fifth phase of a project is to find the right partners with whom to reach the goal. We can find suitable locations, institutions, artists and builders – locally and internationally.


The sixth phase of a project is to estimate the costs. We write budgets including fundraising and petitions for national and European subsidies.


The seventh phase of a project is to gather and structure the content. Through research we find sound, data, text and images and transform them into information, graphics and stories in the in required language.


The eighth phase of a project is to design the product or event. We cover 3D- and graphic design.


The ninth phase of a project is to work out the communication plan wherein the promotion is effectively directed towards the intended customers.


The tenth phase of a project is to get the job done on time.


The eleventh phase and moment of truth of any project is the release of the products, there must be a high impact launch and a sustained interest.


The twelfth phase of any project is the production of the feed back report including financial summary and an evaluation.

Driving Force

Besides providing the elements Studio Kernland functions as the initiator, coordinator and controller in the process.